A postmodern journey of faith...


"...and throw it all in a bucket!"

I received this text from a friend of mine. The insight is great...I think it's worth some serious consideration:
The reality (in my opinion) is that we need both. We need to combine the mystic Christianity and the objective Christianity together in equal parts. It is much the same with our persons. All my life I've been preached at, to run away from myself..."run away from that damned natural man." In reality, if I run away from the natural man, there's no point in having the spiritual man, because I cannot do anything without the natural, and likewise, the natural cannot do anything without the spiritual. So it seems to me that we should be striving to achieve a co-existence of these two factions...much like we should do so with the two forms of Christianity. Then and only then, are we truly whole; the way in which we were intended to be.

Wow. I think that's worthy of some serious thought and consideration. Couple it with this for a meaty meditation today: Sin Deprivation Theory


Individuality in the Context of Faith

Alan Creech wrote a great post concerning being an individual in the context of a faith community--much of it is quotes (attributed) from Thomas Merton. Specifically, I think he has some good thoughts on how to regard others in the community context--to not "get excited about the things that people eat and drink, wear on their bodies, or hang on the walls of their houses." Good stuff...I recommend giving it a read.